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ZSISKA is excited to unveil its partnership with Dame Prue Leith, the iconic British figure celebrated for her best-selling cookbooks, captivating novels, and her role as a judge on The Great British Bake Off. A fearless and outspoken advocate, Prue Leith has been a trailblazer since the 70s and 80s, setting a path for many women who followed. She and Siska Schippers both exude a deep love for life and an unwavering dedication to their crafts. Introducing PRUE by ZSISKA Fall 2023 – a fusion of Prue's vibrant color palette and Siska's mastery of form and design.

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What a summer season that was!  All the beautiful, vibrant colours were overwhelmingly received in the best way, and we do not see this colourful trend going away any time soon.  For our upcoming fall and winter 2023 season, you will definitely not be disappointed.  Yes, our fall and winter colours tend to be more cool and subtle, but many of you who are seeking vibrancy will be left smiling.  Our designers are always looking for new uniquely exciting techniques, shapes, and colour combination.

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You will notice that BLISS collection will have its own catalog since it is in a category all on its own.  From its initial launch to be sold as “individual” pieces, it has shown that the possibility of creating your own unique necklaces by combining new and old beads together is endless.  Many shops and customers appreciate the “uniqueness” they get from selections of beads that fit their individual personality and styles.  We hope you have as much fun showing and selling Bliss as we do creating them.